Litter Assistance Entitlements


The Purina PRO PLAN Starter Kit contains: 

• A Purina PRO PLAN Puppy/Kitten Care Guide booklet
• A Free sample of Purina PRO PLAN 2.72kg Puppy or Large Breed Puppy Formula or 1.59kg PRO PLAN Kitten, for the new owner
• A Coupon to receive $10 off their purchase of PRO PLAN
• A Purina PRO PLAN Body Condition Chart
• A folder to keep all their important documents together for their puppy/kitten

You not only receive these great Starter Kits for your new pet owners but you also earn points by distributing these and returning the New Owner Contact Forms Supplied with the Starter Kits.
Each of the fully completed New Owner Forms that YOU return earns you 100 Points.  Please note that the New Owner Form must be completed and signed by the new pet owner. 

The form/s should be returned immediately via post to:
Purina ProClub,
P O Box 1784,
Shortland Street, Auckland, 1140

as soon as possible after the new owner takes ownership of the pet.

As well as when the new owner purchases PRO PLAN using their $10 Voucher you will earn a further 80 points.

Once you join ProClub and are participating by submitting weight circles/ barcodes you will be entitled to litter assistance for your litters in the following amounts.

Puppy Litters  Amount  Product 
Large Breed Puppy Litters (23kg+)  2 x 17kg  Pro Plan Puppy Large Breed
Medium Breed Puppy Litters (8kg-22.5kg)  1 x 17kg  Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice
Small Breed Puppy Litters (5kg-7kg)  1 x 8.16kg  Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice
Small Breed Puppy Litters (Less than 5kg)  2 x 2.72kg  Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice

Cat Litters   Amount   Product
1-4 Kitten Litters  1 x 1.59kg  Pro Plan Kitten Chicken & Rice
5+ Kitten Litters  1 x 3.18kg   Pro Plan Kitten Chicken & Rice

*Smaller Litters receive a pro-rata amount of PRO PLAN® food.

NB. To qualify for litter assistance you will need to be an active ProClub member, earning points via food purchase. You will also actively supply new puppy/kitten owner details exclusively to Purina.

PURINA® strongly recommends you feed your Brood Bitches PRO PLAN Performance during the gestation and lactation period.

Requesting Litter Assistance

To claim litter assistance please notify us once your litter is born, advise us as to how many were born and how many you intend to home.

Click here to email us (fill out the form).

Fax or Post
Print off and fill out the Litter Assistance/Starter Kit Order Form.

Fax the form to 09 337 1373

or Post to

PURINA ProClub, PO Box 1784, Shortland Street, Auckland, 1140.
Call our Breeder Manager, Debra Anderson on 0800PROCLUB (0800 776 2582)